Africa Code Week is the largest digital literacy initiative on the African continent. Girls In STEM Trust is the lead implementing partner in Zimbabwe for Africa Code Week having touched the lives of over 5000 learners by introducing them to digital literacy and programming and coding skills. Embedded in the Africa Code Week Zimbabwe initiative are the following:

Africa Code Week Train the Trainer– over 1000 Zimbabwean educators have been trained as trainers to conduct coding sessions in their respective schools and communities.

African Code Challenge – through this initiative Zimbabwean learners aged between 8 and 16 have been afforded the opportunity to build educational games that solve community challenges using the Scratch application and also showcasing their coding skills to their African counterparts.

Women Empowerment Programme– this is a continuing professional development programme targeting female educators across Africa to inspire and empower them to take up ICT leadership positions in their respective schools and communities. Through Girls In STEM Trust, Zimbabwe has launched a Zimbabwe Women Empowerment Program Chapter that has over 50 alumnae.

Africa Code Week Special Needs Edition – over 237 young learners across Zimbabwe with special needs have been introduced to coding and programming through this initiative. Key participating institutions are Jairos Jiri Vocational Centre, Riverside Stimulation Centre and Collegiate, King George VI Centre, Malibongwe Primary School and Sandra Jones Centre.

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