Steminist Community Series

A virtual meet up for STEM professionals, students and enthusiasts from around the globe to shine the spotlight on current STEM trends, opportunities and trailblazers.

STEM Careers Fair

A “buyers-sellers market for STEM learners to meet future STEM employers, receive mentorship and a sneak preview of what areas of study to pursue in order to be 21st century job ready and marketable enough to penetrate the job market

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is one of the programs we do as Girls In STEM Trust to provide girls with a unique opportunity to find out how other professionals work and what their roles involve. It develops in girls a deeper knowledge and understanding of other roles and functions within organizations

Africa Code Week Initiative

Africa Code Week is the largest digital literacy initiative on the African continent. Girls In STEM Trust is the lead implementing partner in Zimbabwe for Africa Code Week having touched the lives of over 5000 learnersby introducing them to digital literacy and programming and coding skills. Embedded in the Africa Code Week Zimbabwe initiative are the following:

Africa Code Week- Train the Trainer

African Code Challenge

Women Empowerment Programme

Africa Code Week Special Needs Edition

Africa Code Week : Train-the-Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer (TTT) sessions form a bedrock of Africa Code Weeks’s sustainable impact across the continent by empowering teachers with skills and teaching materials that drive the advance of digital skills in the school curriculum. The sessions are critical to ACW which reach far beyond raising awareness of the importance of teaching digital skills to building capacity for sustainable impact, and inclusion of coding in school curricula in partnership with schools and governments

African Code Challenge

The African Code Challenge is a coding competition organised for students aged 8-16 years. Participants (individual or group of 5 maximum) are required to write a programme using Scratch Programming Language to address the theme which would be determined by the Africa Code Week team.This competition is being sponsored by SAP as part of the Africa Code Week Initiative.

Women of Purpose Fellowship Programme

The programme provides a four-week professional development course for women with disabilities.
The courses cover business and entrepreneurship, PR, communication and the business plan.

International Day of Women and Girls In Science

Girls In STEM Trust  commemorates the International Day for Women and Girls in Science as a way of celebrating trailblazing phenomenal women in the world of STEM. This year, the event took place under the theme: HOW BEST CAN WATER AND SANITATION UNITE US AND HOW BEST CAN IT BRING ABOUT DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, EQUITY PARTICULARLY IN ZIMBABWE, which was derived from United Nations sustainable development goal 6 that is Clean Water and Sanitation.

Digital and Business Literacy Skills Workshops

We tailor make digital and business literacy skills workshops and programmes to serve public and private stakeholders, conduct corporate training and refresher programmes working with young women and girls supported by Old Mutual Zimbabwe’s On The Money Programme, participants receive key financial and entrepreneurship skills for running STEM business and enterprises