STEM Careers Fair

Our STEM Careers Fair feature a panel of established professionals who will be sharing their career journey and as well as advice on how to kickstart a career!

The aim of this program is to inspire and inform young women and girls about STEM Careers and to continue to develop their understanding of the importance of STEM courses or programs for future career pathways.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is one of the programs we do as Girls In STEM Trust to provide girls with a unique opportunity to find out how other professionals work and what their roles involve. It develops in girls a deeper knowledge and understanding of other roles and functions within organizations

Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week is also one of our programs which empowers young people to learn and develop digital skills for the growing tech market in Africa. The initiative recognizes coding as a new form of literacy, which becomes more and more essential every year. As leaders of Africa Code Week emphasize, this training empowers young Africans and help them to participate in the global economy.
With more jobs opening in the tech sector every day, digital training gives young people career options and flexibility moving forward. As Davide Storti, UNESCO Coordinator for Africa Code Week, put it, “in a fast-changing world driven by digital technology, it is important that every child becomes a creative actor of localized digital solutions, not its passive consumer.”

Africa Code Week : Train-the-Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer (TTT) sessions form a bedrock of Africa Code Weeks’s sustainable impact across the continent by empowering teachers with skills and teaching materials that drive the advance of digital skills in the school curriculum. The sessions are critical to ACW which reach far beyond raising awareness of the importance of teaching digital skills to building capacity for sustainable impact, and inclusion of coding in school curricula in partnership with schools and governments

African Code Challenge

The African Code Challenge is a coding competition organised for students aged 8-16 years. Participants (individual or group of 5 maximum) are required to write a programme using Scratch Programming Language to address the theme which would be determined by the Africa Code Week team.This competition is being sponsored by SAP as part of the Africa Code Week Initiative.

Women of Purpose Fellowship Programme

The programme provides a four-week professional development course for women with disabilities.
The courses cover business and entrepreneurship, PR, communication and the business plan.

International Day of Women and Girls In Science

International Women and Girls in Science Day is a STEM holiday that we celebrate as Girls In STEM Trust to promote women and girls in science.The objective of the day is to promote complete and equitable access to science for women and girls.