Girls in STEM Trust

    A non-profit organization with girl future leaders and pioneers in STEM in mind. Through our deliberate drive by exposure to all facets of STEM as well as digital skills.
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    We do this in fun and exciting ways, we are paving the way for a vibrant generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs in STEM now and in future generations.
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What We Do

While there is no single definition for STEM, STEM can be defined as a set of inter related disciplines and skills. STEM training allows for the development of expertise and capability in each individual field and enables the ability to work across all STEM related disciplines with a view to generate and stimulate ground-breaking ideas and products relevant to current global trends.

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Science and Technology

Science allows us to develop both our interest and understanding of the living, material and physical world that enables us to further develop skills such as research, critical enquiry, experimentation, exploration and discovery.

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Engineering is the method of applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to human activity. Engineering cuts across several fields such as architecture, mechanics, biomedical, microbiological and electrical.

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STEM in its entirety, is underpinned by Mathematics, which equips us with the skills necessary for the interpretation and analysis of information, the methods needed to simplify and solve problems and the ability to assess risk in all its forms and make informed decisions.


Our Current Programmes

Quality Training

Mentorship & Job Shadowing

Job shadowing has many potential benefits for both the individuals being mentored and the mentors or hosts within our immediate community. It is an opportunity for mentors and hosts to share best practices and to allow for self-development of the individuals to be mentored. The participants use their experiences within different organisations that Girls in STEM Trust partners with across all fields as a way of “testing out” possible career options.


Africa Code Week

An initiative in 36 African Countries, Africa Code Week allows for the intensification of programming and coding skills for the African Youth every year in October. The Girls in STEM Trust volunteers and participates in ensuring that this initiative is a success. I the last edition of the Africa Code Week in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, in October 2018, 530 students were trained in 25 schools in just three weeks and 279 of these were girls! We’re gearing up for the next season!

Her Start Up Guide

An increased uptake of STEM provides various avenues for innovativeness and creativity which leads to limitless business opportunites. Through an out-of-school programme, “Her Start Up Guide”, Girls in STEM Trust assists and guides girls and women in taking their idea from a mere concept to a reality by exploring and defining the characteristics of a viable start up and the vital steps that they need to take to embark on a successful venture.

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  • Vickie is a Systems Analyst passionate about Programming and Coding, Social Entrepreneurship Technology, Business Intelligence as well as Windows and Linux Systems Engineering.

    Vickie Ngono: Founder & Executive Director of Girls In Stem Trust

  • Janet is a keen Programmer with experience in the ICT Field at an Academic level. She looks into proper career guidance paths for a lucrative and successful career in the field of Technology

    Janet Kahari : Head of Technology Department

  • Themba is an Academic Doctor with years of experience in a wide array of academic courses. He looks into career guidance paths in the various Mathematical fields which encompass Statistical Analysis, Qualitative Analysis in Mathematics and Mathematics for Science and Engineering.

    Dr. Themba Nyoni : Head of Mathematics

  • Jillion is a Financial Expert with a passion for Accounting Science. He looks into unlocking and understanding the science of accounting and the vast career options that it presents. Additionally, he works with a team of consultants that look into pure sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and the technologies that power them.

    Jillion Sambo : Head of Science

  • Abel is a Software Engineer with a keen bias to other spheres of Engineering such as Mechatronics, Robotics, automation and Electrical Engineering. He looks into successful career guidance paths for those venturing into engineering through practical demonstrations of the technologies that drive the engineering field. Equipped with a team of consultants drawn from various fields of Engineering he tackles the vast opportunities available to the future engineer..

    Abel Moyo : Head of Engineering